Arnold Art Gallery

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Arnold Art Gallery

118 Ft. McKavitt Street, Mason, Texas
Across the street from the Courthouse

Shares space with Fort Mason Real Estate

9-5, Monday thru Saturday

Joyce Arnold


beauty. For me, Nature is the master puzzle maker; I am a recorder attempting to capture the complexities, spirit and sensuality of her fleeting moments. I want my work to give Nature, as Paul Cezanne said, "the taste of her eternity."

The natural environment has been a second background for Tyler's life and work.  Over the years, the mountains and plains of Colorado, the desert and mountains of El Paso; the prairie around Denton; and the rolling hills, pastures and hard wood forests of Paris, Texas have served as inspiration for her drawings, paintings and ceramics. 

​The artist recently moved to the heart of Texas in the beautiful Hill Country where she has created a spacious, light filled studio. She says that the light and feel of the air reminds her of her early years in Colorado.

The artist's paintings and drawings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in public and private museums and galleries as well as invitational and juried competitions throughout Texas and many other states.  Her works are in private, corporate and educational collections. 

Although Tyler painted in acrylics for many years, oil and watercolor along with drawing, have become the media of her current work.  The new paintings the Hill Country have expanded her view from the close-up focus and intimacy of the Water's Edge images in Paris, Texas to include the distant horizon and  patterns of light falling across rolling hills, jutting cliffs, sheltering wet creeks and dry arroyos - all under vast skies underscored by the seasons.  She says that she has come home. 

American realist Artist

118 Ft. McKavitt Street, Mason, Texas
On the north side of Mason's historic square

(325) 347-6272

November  thru
January 6, 2018

Cathie Tyler
New Paintings

Cathie Tyler is a third generation artist.  She retired from teaching college art and moved to Mason six years ago.  Her work has been exhibited in invitational, juried and solo exhibitions in galleries and museums across Texas as well as in many other states.  Her work is in private, corporate and educational collections.

​All of the images she paints are "gifts from Nature. Painting what I see is a passage that shows me the intricacies of her