Arnold Art Gallery

"Jill" by Danny Kamerath, hickory wood

Arnold Art Gallery

118 Ft. McKavitt Street, Mason, Texas
Across the street from the Courthouse

Shares space with Fort Mason Real Estate

9-5, Monday thru Saturday

Joyce Arnold


Opening Reception:  May 25, Thur., 5-7 pm


The difference between art and craft is touch. Art is meant to be looked at and pondered, craft is meant to be touched and used. The crafted object moves from the hand of the maker to the hand of the user. If that work of craft is beautiful in appearance, elegantly proportioned and constructed, and interesting to look at it can be as compelling as a fine work of art.

I make chairs, tables, chests, bowls and other things from wood. They are made to be used and touched. In fact, the more they are touched, the more beautiful they become. I use wood because it comes in an endless variety of colors, shades and grain pattern which can be combined into wonderful compositions.


I graduated from East Texas State University (now known as Texas A&M-University-Commerce) with double majors in drawing/painting and advertising design. I went to college to major in sculpture, but the advertising design department had the greatest teacher I have ever known, and he encouraged me to become a designer. I worked for more than 20 years as a designer, art director and illustrator.

I also taught Advertising Design and Illustration as an adjunct instructor at ETSU for several years, but missed working in 3D and started making furniture in 1990. The last few years of my design career, I became more interested in the furniture and decided in 2005 to pursue it full time.

eXHIBIT dates:  may 25 - July 10, 2017

Danny in his new, long awaited studio

Wood Works

118 Ft. McKavitt Street, Mason, Texas
On the north side of Mason's historic square

(325) 347-6272

Danny Kamerath

texas contemporary fine art

by Danny Kamerath