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Oil on canvas, 10x30 inches , Copyright 2017 Laura Lewis

Laura Lewis is a professional artist specializing in landscapes of the High Plains.  Lewis is known for her large mural commissioned for the Chevron building in Midland.  She and her husband moved to Mason County in 2011 and since then she has been enjoying the beauty of the Hill Country. Her work will be on display in Mason the entire month of January.

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I paint because of an inward drive to express the beauty of Creation and somehow to participate in that quality by studying it in pigments.  I like to create a visual sense of three-dimensional space and give the viewer a place to explore. 

118 Ft. McKavitt Street, Mason, Texas
On the north side of Mason's historic square

(325) 347-6272

Colors of Gillespie County

Laura Lewis Works  
exhibit dates:  January 11 - February 24

Arnold Art Gallery

118 Ft. McKavitt Street, Mason, Texas
Across the street from the Courthouse

Shares space with Fort Mason Real Estate

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