Arnold Art Gallery

texas contemporary fine art

Touching Life with Light
Samuel Shelton

artists' reception: May 3, 5-7 pm 
exhibit dates:  May 3 - June 2

118 Ft. McKavitt Street, Mason, Texas
On the north side of Mason's historic square

(325) 347-6272

Arnold Art Gallery

118 Ft. McKavitt Street, Mason, Texas
Across the street from the Courthouse

Shares space with Fort Mason Real Estate

9-5, Monday thru Saturday

Joyce Arnold


Samuel Shelton is an oil painter whose portraiture and figurative work is reminiscent of the Baroque Masters of yester year. He places a high emphasis on the beauty of the human form and the drama of storytelling in his paintings. He studied painting from the Academy of Art University and from Gold Light Atelier, but much of his study comes from visits to Museums and literature on the techniques and practices of the Old Masters. Shelton lives in Meridian TX with his wife and four children.