Arnold Art Gallery

texas contemporary fine art

Arnold Art Gallery cordially invites you to discover some of the best contemporary art in Texas.

118 Ft. McKavitt Street, Mason, Texas
Across the street from the Courthouse

Shares space with Fort Mason Real Estate

9-5, Monday thru Saturday

Joyce Arnold

118 Ft. McKavitt Street, Mason, Texas
On the north side of Mason's historic square

(325) 347-6272

Left: Ray Istre, “02:08 Hours” _________________________  Right: Danny Kamerath, “Sycamore-1A”T

Works by

Ray Istre and Danny Kamerath 

artists reception: Sept. 6, 5-7 pm 
exhibit dates:  Sept. 6 - Oct. 13, 2018

RAY ISTRE recently moved to the Mason area from Waco. In his Time Consciousness series, Istre explores mono printing techniques to create layered textures and colors while reflecting how the numbers on a clock define time.

DANNY KAMERATH is a nationally recognized furniture maker living in the Mason area whose wood bowls are known for their high level of craftsmanship and unique personalities. Kamerath views his bowls as a way to explore ideas and shapes on a small scale.